3 Common Kinds of Freestanding Signs

Today, one of the best ways to make your shop get noticed by pedestrians and those on the road is by investing in freestanding signs. They give you the chance to be seen, even from afar. This advertising material comes in many shapes and sizes, but the 3 basic types are monument, pole, and multi-tenant signs. To give you an idea of how they're different, read on.

Monument Signs

The simplest yet most functional freestanding signs are monument signs. You've probably seen one before right in front of an establishment, but you didn’t know what they're called. They're short structures mounted close to or on the ground. Usually, they're made with wood, stones, or a combination of both.

Aside from their simple aesthetic, business owners opt for monument signs because of their short length. Some places have strict height restrictions when it comes to signage, which makes it hard to install other sign alternatives.

Pole Signs

Meanwhile, pole or pylon signs are made to stand out even from far distances because of their great height. They're mounted on one or two long steel beams, usually measuring 12 feet, some even higher. Owners place them near the road so that pedestrians and people on the road will easily see them.

Another reason why many owners opt to choose pole signs is that they're usually double-sided. People can still see your sign, whichever side of the road they are.

Multi-Tenant Signs

These are perfect for establishments with multiple tenants, like shopping malls and office buildings. You won't need to install multiple signs since one can already accommodate a lot of signs and logos.

Multi-tenant signs aren't just cost-effective but highly versatile as well. If one of the tenants is replaced by another one, you can easily replace their logo with what you need.

Work With Professionals

Investing in signage for your business isn't as simple as it seems. You have to make sure that it'll look good for it to get noticed. Talk to our staff at CR Signs to learn how we can help you. We have highly skilled professionals who can produce the most effective freestanding sign for you.