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Importance of Typography in Signage


For many business owners, investing in signage is one of the most affordable ways of advertising. That said, there's more to professionally designed signs than just cool logos attached to buildings and poles. Many don't realize that there are many factors taken into consideration during the whole process, and one of them is making sure that it has strong typography. 

Typography is the strategic use of stylized lettering to convey a message or idea. At first, it might not seem important, but it provides a great impact and generates interest in a sign. Keep reading to learn how it can make a difference.

It Captures Attention

Having a good-looking font on a sign can help you stand out from the rest of your competitors. It should always be easy on the eyes to catch people's attention. And, by picking a legible font, your message will be easier to read and absorb. This greatly increases the likelihood of connecting with your target market and enticing them to visit your establishment.

It Helps Establish Your Brand

If your store is relatively new in the area, you should establish your brand through interesting signage. Aside from picking the perfect colors during the designing process, you should also choose the right font. There are plenty to choose from, with each offering their own unique characteristics. 

Fonts can also affect people's mood in a similar way that color does. So you have to be careful to ensure that you'll pick the one that can convey your business' personality and brand best. For example, if you run an establishment that deals with serious matters like law, then opt for clear, clean, and simple ones like serif fonts. On the other hand, go with specialty styles if they’ll suit your business better.

It Improves Your Reputation

Having well-made signage displayed on or near your establishment will show your target market that you care about your business. This alone will make you and your brand look more professional. As a result, your business will instantly be differentiated from the competition and have a much higher perceived authority.

All of these can benefit your bottom line. Remember, people tend to spend their money on businesses and establishments that they trust.

Invest in Professionally-Made Signage in Iowa

Whether it's for pylon or window decals, professionally designed signs with the right typography can greatly benefit your business. Call CR Signs today to find out how we can help you get the best one for your establishment.

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