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A Guide to Zoning and Permitting for Outdoor Signs: Trust CR Signs as Your Go-To Experts


Navigating the world of outdoor advertising can be a daunting experience, especially when you're just starting out. Between different size restrictions, zoning ordinances, and permitting processes, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Thankfully, understanding the basics of zoning and permitting for outdoor signs doesn't have to be complicated, especially when you have experts like CR Signs by your side.

1. Zoning: The Ground Rules for Your Outdoor Signs

Zoning is a process by which municipalities organize land use. Each area of land, depending on its zone, will have specific regulations on what can and cannot be built or placed there, and this includes outdoor signs.

Different zones (commercial, residential, industrial, etc.) will have different regulations. Factors that may be affected by zoning laws include:

  • The size of the sign
  • The height of the sign
  • Illumination
  • Location (setback from the road, distance from other structures, etc.)
  • Type of sign (monument, pole, wall-mounted, etc.)

2. Permitting: Getting the Green Light

Once you have a clear understanding of the zoning restrictions for your desired location, the next step is securing the necessary permits. Without the proper permits, your business could face fines, and you might be required to take down your sign.

The permitting process may vary depending on your municipality. Generally, it involves:

  • Submitting an application
  • Providing detailed plans of the sign (size, design, location)
  • Paying any associated fees
  • Awaiting approval from the appropriate local department

3. Why CR Signs is Your Best Choice

With the myriad of regulations and procedures involved, you need a trusted partner who understands the intricacies of zoning and permitting. That’s where CR Signs comes in. Here's why CR Signs are your experts:

Extensive Knowledge: With years of experience in the signage industry, CR Signs has a deep understanding of local zoning laws and permitting processes. This ensures that your sign is compliant and avoids any legal complications.

Custom Solutions: Every business is unique, and so are its signage needs. CR Signs offers tailored solutions that not only comply with local regulations but also align with your brand's vision.

Hassle-Free Process: The team at CR Signs handles all the heavy lifting. From initial consultation to design, from securing permits to installation, you can be assured of a seamless experience.

Cost-Effective: Mistakes can be costly. Non-compliant signs can lead to hefty fines. By trusting CR Signs, you're not only ensuring compliance but also saving potential costs in the long run.

Your Next Step: Get Your Free Quote

Don’t let the complexities of zoning and permitting deter you from showcasing your business through impactful outdoor signs. Let CR Signs be your guiding hand.

Visit us at and get your free quote today. Elevate your brand's presence with the experts who know best.

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